Emerging Markets Journal (EMAJ) - 14th International Strategic Management Conference (ISMC) Partnership

Based on the partnership between Emerging Markets Journal (EMAJ) and 14th International Strategic Management Conference (ISMC) as of 28 May, 2018, selected papers of 14th ISMC will have a chance to be published in EMAJ. 

The 14th International Strategic Management Conference is one of the most prestigious conferences of 2018. It is organized this year with the collaboration of the University of Economics Prague (Prague School of Economics), Czechia, the University of Bari, Italy, and CEDIMES, a worldwide network of Francophone academicians.

To convene in the “Fairy Tale City” of Prague, between the dates of July 12-14, 2018, Thursday through Saturday, the 14th International Strategic Management Conference addresses this year the theme of “Strategic Management in the Digital Era: Opportunities and Threats for Public and Private Organizations.”

As part of the conference’s standing agenda of forging workable solutions from the convening of scientific study and practical experience, this year’s conference also aims to highlight the principal impact of strategic management on the recent and future developments in the fields of economy and business. The distinguished participants will have the opportunity to present their valuable scientific contributions and establish an international network among those who volunteer to communicate and study together in the field of strategic management.

Please visit the official website of conference for more information: