Organizational Culture and Intrapreneurship Growth in Nigeria: Evidence from Selected Manufacturing Firms

Benneth Uchenna Eze, Adekunle Abdul, Emmanuel Kanayo Nwaba, Azeez Adebayo


The study examines the effect of organizational culture (measured by organizational norms and organizational shared values) on intrapreneurship growth in manufacturing sector of the Nigerian economy. Survey research design was used through the administration of structured questionnaire to members of staff of Nestle Nigeria PLC and PZ Cussons Nigeria PLC. The population of the study consist 2325 and 3500 staff of Nestle Nigeria PLC and PZ Cussons Nigeria PLC respectively. Using the Raosoft sample size determination technique, a sample size of 359 was obtained. The findings revealed that, organizational culture positively and significantly affect intrapreneurship growth in manufacturing firms in Nigeria. The study further revealed that, organizational norms and organizational shared values significantly affect intrapreneurship growth in the manufacturing sector in Nigeria, with coefficient and probability values of (β1=0.982, p<0.05) and (β2=0.901, p<0.05) respectively. The adjusted coefficient of determination (adj. R squared) revealed that, organizational culture elements account for 69.8% variation in intrapreneurship growth. Thus, the study concluded that organizational culture plays a significant role in promoting intrapreneurship growth. It is recommended that, manufacturing firms should enhance their organizational norms as well as their organizational shared values towards the growth of intrapreneurship within their firms.


Intrapreneurship; Organizational Culture; Organizational Norms; Organizational Shared Values

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