The Hype of Big Data Analytics and Auditors

Prem Lal Joshi, Govindan Marthandan


In the era of fast-tracking digitization and unconventional big data analytics, business models are being reshaped and they impact auditing amongst auditors. This viewpoint paper takes into account the procedures underlying on big data and its analytics in driving the evolution of business and identifies some of the unresolved issues and concerns on auditors, especially in the context of cognitive tasks. The paper continues to focus on the current spate of discussions on big data and auditing profession. It explains the nature of big data and its characteristics as well as the output types. This paper also tries to find answers for what is new in it, how it assists the auditors along with some unresolved  issues and concerns. Since big data analytics is the future, auditors need to reshape themselves in terms of skills and competencies to meet the emerging technological challenges.



Big Data; Big Data Analytics; Auditors; Unresolved Issues

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