Book Review of “India’s Recent Inward Foreign Direct Investment: An Assessment”

Beena PL


This book is focused on analysing the limitation of the existing Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) statistics in India. The trends, composition and quality of FDI inflows in India after the initiation of ‘Make in India’ (MII) policy are critically analysed. This is done with a comparative perspective on the nature and quality of FDI since 1990. 



India; Foreign Direct Investments; Foreign Portfolio Investments; Corporate Sector; Business

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Beena PL (2018). Outward FDI and Cross-Border M&As by Indian Firms: A Host Country-Level Analysis, Working Paper No.479, CDS, Trivandrum.

Beena PL (2018). Mergers and Acquisitions: India under Globalisation, Routledge, South Asia Edition, New Delhi, London, New York, 292 pages, Hardbound: Reprint, ISBN 978-1-138-34949-0.

Sen, S. and Dasgupta, Z. (2018). Financialisation and Corporate Investments: the Indian Case, Review of Keynesian Economics, Vol 6, No.1, Spring 2018, pp.96-113.



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