Innovation Driven Emerging Technology from two Contrary Perspectives: A Case Study of Internet

Mehmet Lütfi Arslan, Sadi Evren Seker, Cevdet Kızıl


Internet is a well, organized technological achievement of human being and a rapidly improving medium through time. All the novel technological achievements like web 2.0 or web 3.0 are new epochs of Internet technology and Internet is spreading in multiple dimensions, reforming the paradigm, and innovating the technology in a self-renewing fashion. In this paper, the technological construction of Internet and the social paradigms are discussed from two contrary perspectives. Either as “problem solvers” or“technical experts”, the characteristics of incumbents of technological positions seems very problematic in terms of their roles in shaping technology. Are they so disinterested and unbiased on creation of technology? Can we reduce their roles as such? How can we make sure that they are neutral? If we put their roles that way, what about freedom of individual decision-making?

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